Summer Camp 2020 - COVID-19 Health Announcement Information

Lodge Expansion

With your help, we have broken ground at Camp Bethany for our long-awaited lodge expansion! Camp Bethany, and the Lodge in particular, are used year round for many events; enhancing this building opens the door for Camp to be accessible for many different groups. As part of our multi-phase project, we are first adding four new bedrooms and two new bathrooms on each floor. Doing so will allow the Lodge to be more appealing for small family retreats, as well as more comfortable for adult couples who don't want to bunk with 5 other couples.

What are the logistics?

Glad you asked! The addition is roughtly 40 ft by 20 feet, and will add over 1,600 square feet of new space. This first phase is projected to cost $125,000 and is on track to be completed around April 2017. The first steps, pouring the footers and basement walls, are already complete! Ultimately, we are aiming to have the Lodge ready for summer camp this coming June.

Those of you who have used the Lodge at summer or winter camp, retreats, or other events know that it is more than just a place to sleep. The Lodge is also used for meetings and group gatherings, and with the addition of more rooms, we anticipate needing much more space for guests. Phase 2 of the expansion is focused on expanding the meeting area to provide for this need. We are currently fundraising for this next step.

Partner With Us

If Camp Bethany has impacted your life, or helped shape the life of someone you know, consider donating to this project to help us reach our goal so that we can continue on with Phase 2. Individually this would be an insurmountable goal, but with your help and God's provision, together we can make this happen! If this is something that you are able to partner with us for, please visit our Donations page and check out the quick and easy ways to help us in this new chapter of Camp Bethany history.

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