Family Camp

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday 12:00pm - Monday 1:00pm

Ken Van Duyne
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Outdoor Fun for All

Looking for a getaway weekend that your whole family can enjoy together?

Come and join us this year at Camp Bethany's Family Camp where people of all ages will enjoy a variety of activies that are oriented toward bringing your whole family together. You are welcome to stay in our lodge facilities, or in one of our cabins with your family, or even bring your own RV, trailer or tents; however your family wants to spend the weekend together!

All meals are provided!

This means that mom gets the weekend off! Your kitchen at home can stay dishes free and there is no need to stress about what to feed your family for an entire weekend!

Relaxing Fun & Games

Through out the weekend there are lots of organized events, sessions, and games for the whole family...and plenty of free time left over for you to enjoy doing whatever it is that your family wants to do together to make long lasting memories. Great fellowship, friends, and fun await!

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