Frequently Asked Questions

What does camper lodging look like?

Campers will lodge in 16 person cabins equipped with electricity and ceiling fans. The cabin is laid out with 8 twin size bunk beds. There will be at least 1 full-time camp counselor in each cabin. There are 4 girl cabins and 4 boys cabins available. Centrally there is a bathhouse for campers to use, these are equipped with 7 showers and 5 restrooms.

Can my child room with their friend?

Upon registration campers and their families will line up and complete our registration process, which includes signing up for a cabin. Cabin lists will be public; therefore, your child can look for the friend's name to join the same cabin as long as there is room available.

What if my child has a food allergy?

Meals are prepared by onsite kitchen staff members. Each meal will be served buffet style where campers can go through the line and choose what they would like to eat. If there are any dietary restrictions or preferences, accommodations can be made. Please indicate that on medical forms prior to registration.

What if my child takes medication?

All medications are securely kept and carefully distributed by our onsite nurse. During the registration process, you will meet the nurse, provide medications for your camper, and discuss the details of them.

What if we are not affiliated with a Brethren Church?

Although our camp is Brethren affiliated, our mission is to introduce young people to the person of Jesus Christ and further their relationship with Him. This central mission guides each aspect of the camping experience.

What recreational activities does Camp Bethany offer?

Camp Bethany offers various activity structures throughout the day that campers can engage in, including large group games, afternoon electives, and free time activities. Campers enjoy activities such as capture the flag, steal the bacon, foursquare, gaga ball, zip line, sand volleyball, hiking, bracelet making, slip and sliding, and swimming in our pond. Elementary campers stay in the shallow end of the pond at all times, and older campers must pass a swim test before being allowed to enter the deep end. A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times when campers are in the water.

What else will my child take part in?

Camp Bethany also includes whole-camp worship and lessons, breakout classes, small group discussions, evening service, and campfire.

Why is there a no phones policy?

Camp Bethany believes in being fully present and intentional. By removing the distraction of cell phones, students are able to immerse themselves in our camping program. In doing so, campers build meaningful relationships with our staff, fellow campers, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ. Our campers often express how refreshing it is to unplug.

Does my child need additional money?

We have a camp store that opens every afternoon. Campers may spend additional money to purchase a variety of apparel, souvenirs and snacks. A recommended amount of money is $25-$50. At the end of the week all unspent money will be refunded.

Wait List Process:

This year Camp Bethany registration is capped at 85 campers per week for the younger ages, and 75 for the older groups. After this maximum capacity is reached, campers will be placed on a waitlist and accepted as positions become available. $25 must be paid for the registration to process. A refund will be issued for waitlisted campers unable to attend but will not be given to anyone that does not show for their week of camp.

Note: Camp Bethany reserves the right to make adjustments pending a gender split and available lodging. Group sizes may also increase at the discretion of the leadership.

The three oldest camps (Flicker Camp, Ignite Camp, and Illuminate Camp) for grades 7-12 have overlapping age groups. Children in grades 8, 9, and 10 have the ability to come to one of two different weeks on the calendar, but not both. If a particular week reaches capacity, those in the 7th, 11th and 12th grades will be given priority for their weeks since they are unable to attend any other. Those registering last in the other grades may be moved to their other available week.

Waitlist Steps:
1. Register your camper using Camp Bethany's website, including any required deposit.
2. After the registration is submitted, if you do not see a message that you are waitlisted, you are in the top 85.
3. As camper slots become available, waitlisted campers will be contacted by Camp Bethany. If you are on the waitlist and are not contacted, we are at full capacity.
4. Note: Waitlisted campers may be contacted up until 8 p.m on Sunday night with the ability to arrive Monday morning.